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No Hidden Surprises

At River Forge, we prioritize our students' martial arts journey by providing transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Our all-inclusive monthly tuition packages cover everything—no additional charges for equipment, registration, belts, testing, or promotions. Explore our class descriptions and find the cost breakdown per class below.

As a token of appreciation for those who serve our communities, we extend special discounts to multiple household members joining classes. We also offer discounts to veterans and their children, active military personnel, law enforcement officers, and EMS professionals. Thank you for your dedication to our communities!

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Martial Arts Class

Our Classes

Martial Arts for all ages

Little Dragons (Ages 3-5)

This class focuses on developing coordination, balance, motor skills, listening skills, and the ability to respect others and exercise self-control. In addition to these fundamental skills, the class also emphasizes the importance of core stability, social skills, and the ability to follow directions, all of which can be gained through martial arts. The Little Dragons program provides a fun and engaging environment where young children can learn and grow while building confidence and self-esteem.

Mighty Dragons (Ages 5-7)

The Mighty Dragons class is a perfect next step for children who have completed the Little Dragons class. This transitional class combines elements of both the Little Dragons and Youth classes to help students develop the necessary skills for more advanced martial arts training. With a focus on multi-step directions, self-discipline, coordination, agility, body control, and social skills, the Mighty Dragons program is designed to prepare students for the challenges of the Youth class and beyond. 

Children (Ages 6-12)

At River Forge Martial Arts, we understand the importance of building a strong foundation for children. Our Children's program is specifically designed to help foster growth and confidence in your child. Our main goal in this class is to build mental focus, while teaching respect, responsibility, and how to have a strong work ethic. We make the classes fun and engaging, so that they will want to come back for more.

Advanced Class 

This is a serious, faster-paced class for our more advanced students to better prepare them for being Black Belt Candidates and Black Belts. This class focuses rank-specific material, fitness, conceptual learning, and leadership skills as high rank in the studio.

Teen + Adults (Ages 13+)

This class is our traditional class for all students above the age of 13. Do NOT let the age requirement deceive you. Students are expected to work hard and act like adults at all times. This class is for serious study Tang Soo Do. The number one requirement is a positive attitude toward self improvement.

Family Class Youth & Adult students

The Family class is designed for the entire family to participate in and enjoy. It's open to students who attend the Youth and Adult classes, but not to Little or Mighty Dragons. This class is a fun and active way to start your day and find a shared interest family members.

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